Everett Asbestos Abatement offers complete asbestos abatement services in the Everett region and surrounding towns. We offer complete commercial and residential abatement services aimed to reduce the risks of asbestos exposure in your home or business.


In our long years of service, Everett Asbestos Abatement has seen steady and consistent growth. During the period, Everett Asbestos Abatement has earned an unsurpassed reputation in our industry for consistently providing quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and timely completion of our projects. We have successfully completed abatement and demolition projects within all types of buildings including high-rises, commercial and governmental offices, retail stores, airports, hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, and industrial plants.

    Asbestos Abatement

    The safe physical removal of hazardous waste from a home or business premise is known as abatement. It is a time-consuming operation that involves completely sealing off the polluted area, removing the pollutants, and properly cleaning the area afterwards.

    Everett Asbestos Abatement are qualified and trained in asbestos abatement and can assist you in ensuring that you and your community are safe throughout (and after) the abatement procedure.

    • Professional Asbestos Testing 
    • Maximum Quality Control Standards
    • Quick and accurate results

    Lead Abatement Services

    We are professionals at removing lead-based paint and other environmental concerns at Everett Asbestos Abatement. To deliver the greatest quality of service during our projects, we employ cutting-edge technologies such as abrasive and non-abrasive blasting, hydro-blasting, power equipment, and specialty chemicals.

    Everett Asbestos Abatement performs all stages of the lead paint removal project, such as initial testing, removal and remediation, and full rehabilitation of the damaged structure, as a comprehensive lead abatement contractor. We can offer:

    • Reports on contamination assessment
    • Monitoring and sampling of materials
    • Remediation of soil
    • Recovery of drums and tanks
    • Decontamination using chemicals
    • Stabilization

      Mold Remediation

      Mold removal is a multi-step procedure that should only be performed by a licensed, trained specialist. Even black mold eradication may be safely addressed by a professional. The removal procedure includes the following steps:

      • Identifying the source of the mold and isolating the affected area to prevent spore spread.
      • Taking care of the moisture issue entails removing all damp and moldy things and closing any gaps where water enters the house.
      • Cleaning the afflicted area to remove all evidence of mold and aid in the prevention of its recurrence.
      • Repairing and restoring any materials that have been destroyed or removed from the house.

        Water Damage Restoration

        In Washington, water is critical to our life. Extended droughts and heavy rains have kept the topic of water in the spotlight. We might take clean water for granted, yet more than two billion people throughout the world do not have access to it.

        However, as welcome as water is, it does not belong everywhere. Safe zones include sinks, pipelines, toilets, bathtubs, drains, and other fixtures. Water damage occurs when water begins to find its way to other areas of your house.

          Air Duct Cleaning

          Everett Asbestos Abatement has executed a wide range of duct jobs, including Dryer Duct Cleaning and Duct Cleaning for individual households, apartments, and big commercial buildings, and has a reputation for exceptional customer service in the field of HVAC Duct Cleaning across the state of Washington.

          According to industry standards, you should have your air ducts examined and cleaned every two years for cleanliness and every 5-7 years for maintenance. Debris and dust accumulate in your HVAC system over time, providing a breeding ground for a wide range of health concerns such as dander, dust, pollen, mold spores, and mildew.


            All regulatory criteria will be followed during the demolition process to ensure quality control and environmental concern. Top-tier equipment and qualified professionals ensure that demolition operations are completed correctly.

            We have the project experience, professional demolition resources, and instruments to finish any Building Demolition project swiftly, safely, and with minimal business disturbance, whether the assignment is large or small, lasting a few days or several months. Our demolition professionals have a wide range of experience, having completed projects in:

            • Plants for industrial, chemical, manufacturing, and assembly
            • Power generating and wastewater treatment plants
            • Retail space and commercial office structures
            • Medical administration and hotel buildings

              Contact the pros at Everett Asbestos ABatement if you require our services for your home or company in Everett and/or adjacent locations. To get started, simply fill out the contact form or call 425-414-3461.

              Freequently Asked Questions

              Is Asbestos Illegal?

              It is presently illegal to use, re-use, sell, or provide asbestos-containing materials or products. However, asbestos-containing items or materials that were previously installed or in use prior to the restriction may stay in place until they’re disposed of or reached the end of their service life. As a result of the huge quantities of asbestos and ACMs used in buildings in the past, there is still the possibility of asbestos exposure in a range of workplaces (including residential houses undergoing restoration).

              Where can you find asbestos?

              Asbestos can be present in any industrial, commercial, public, or residential structure constructed or renovated before the year 2000. Asbestos was widely employed in a wide range of building materials, including flooring, walls, ceilings, roofs, heating systems, and equipment. To determine where asbestos is found in your structure, a thorough survey will be performed. A qualified individual must conduct an asbestos survey.

              Who can recognize asbestos? Who may do asbestos surveys?

              Only a qualified individual or firm should sample and analyze items suspected of containing asbestos. More information is available at asbestos surveys.

              Who is qualified to deal with or remove asbestos?<br />

              Any action involving the disruption of asbestos or asbestos-containing material must be carried out by a qualified person. All asbestos removal tasks must be completed by a qualified individual. The nature of the task dictates the degree of training, expertise, knowledge, and information necessary.

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              “Extremely professional, courteous, and communicative.” They were very patient and detailed in their explanation of the procedure. Their helper (whose name I don’t recall) made pains to keep things immaculate while working, and they left my house just as they found it. I strongly suggest it.” – Ryan Berkley


              “We discovered mold in our basement laundry room. The team from Everett Asbestos Abatement not only came out right away to assess the situation, but also had an answer and a recommendation in our hands within the same day. The head made us aware of our safety procedures immediately. A very skilled team who saved us from danger as well as helping us rebuild the affected areas of our home.” Rose Campbell

              “Some of the house’s asbestos was removed. The job was completed immediately. They also gave me details that helped me determine the next steps in removing the lead-painted walls. (It turns out they can also remove lead.) I’d suggest them.” – Eric Stokes

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